Stay tuned for my upcoming book release:

"Procrastination on Tap: A Twisted Journey of Brewing, Revelations, and The Art of Delayed Gratification"

"The Illuminated Brewer: Ale-chemy, Procrastination, and the Occult Secrets of Beer Adventures"

"Frothy Frolics: Discordian Diversions through the Beer-Soaked Realms of Eris"
"The Pint-agon Network: Hops, High Strangeness, and Happenstance Encounters"
"Brewmasons Unveiled: Esoteric Escapades and the Improbable Quest for the Ale-crowned Empire"
"Quantum Quaffs: Synchronicity, Serendipity, and the Multiverse of Brewing Adventures"
"Hesitant Hops: Brewing, Stories, and the Art of Procrastination"
"The Ale-Stained Life: Procrastination, Brewing, and Raw Reality"
"Drunken Procrastination: The Gritty Tales of Beer and Delayed Ambition"
"Hesitant Hops: Brewing, Stories, and the Art of Procrastination"
"Booze and Waiting Games: The Unfiltered Odyssey of Brewing and Procrastination"
"Lingering on Suds: When Beer and Procrastination Collide"
"The Barstool Chronicles: Of Brewing, Procrastination, and Finding Truth"
"Hop-tastic Detours: The Boozy Chronicles of Time-Wasting Brewventures"
"Fermenting Fiascos: The Untamed Saga of Brewing, Lollygagging, and Cosmic Mayhem"
"Brews, Blues, and Time-Traveling Shoes: A Madcap Journey Through Procrastination and Pints"
"Ale-stounding Chrono-Capers: The Bizarre Brew of Procrastination and Time-Bending Beers"
"Lagers, Loafing, and Lunacy: The Unruly Expedition of Time-Traversing Tipples and Delayed Debauchery"
"The Infinite Improbability of Brewing: A Journey Through Beers, Procrastination, and Unexpected Adventures"
"The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster Chronicles: Beer, Procrastination, and Other Earthly Delights"
"Mostly Harmless Brewing: A Guide to Beer, Time-Wasting, and Unlikely Escapades"
"The Babel Fish Brewery: Translating Beers, Procrastination, and Bizarre Adventures Across the Universe"
"So Long, and Thanks for All the Beer: A Tale of Fermentation, Procrastination, and Misadventures"


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